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Hi Bren,

I did watch the TV program, which aired on the History channel. I don't watch much TV, but when I do I often choose to watch the History channel because they usually do a good and fair job with their presentations. After watching this show, I felt disappointed in the way they handled it. Their previous 911 related programs were fact based presentations which had nothing to do with conspiracy aspects, and did not appear to be biased. The conspiracies investigation did attempt to show both sides of the debate, and did cover some of the more typical subjects that are often brought up, but much of the most damning evidence was not discussed at all, such as the fact that more than a dozen eyewitnesses have stated emphatically that the flight path of the plane approaching the Pentagon was at the left of the Citgo gas station and nearly a direct approach, rather than the right side and angled approach that is the "official" version. Two of those eyewitnesses were Pentagon police officers who were at the Citgo gas station at the time the plane flew by. The controller in the Pentagon's heliport tower also said that the approach was nearly direct, and from the same side of the Citgo station that the police officers had stated. This is probably the most telling evidence related to 911, because if the plane did approach as stated by these eyewitnesses, then it could not have possibly caused the angled damage that has been shown. And since it could not have caused that damage, it must be realized that the plane actually flew low, but over the Pentagon, and that something else (such as a missile or explosive charges) caused the damage that was shown. This was entirely left out of the program show, as was also the fact that several of the 911 Commission members have stated that their investigation was hindered by government and military agencies which lied and/or were not responsive when asked for information. But instead of showing interviews with Commission members and eyewitnesses of the Pentagon plane approach, the program mainly used assertions made by the makers of the video "Loose Change," and followed these with rebuttals by staff at Popular Mechanics Magazine. For each conspiracy element that was reported on, Popular Mechanics got to have the last word, which of course condemened the conspiracy theory and would lead anyone watching the program to believe that the conspiracy theorists just didn't have a solid case. Also, a family member or two of deceased 911 victims were shown voicing their grief that each time a conspiracy theory is brought up it causes them renewed anguish and pain. The program never mentioned, however, that many more family members are actually demanding a new and more thorough investigation because they don't believe the "official" version.

So I was quite disappointed with this program, but should probably have expected that it would be presented this way. Those at the top positions of these TV networks get the last say in what will or will not be included, and those who gather the material and do the editing are just following orders. That's how the Ruling Class controls nearly everything that is presented to us on television. If not for the alternative viewpoints found on the Internet, or on alternative radio programs and publications, I'm sure we wouldn't have a clue as to what transpired on September 11, 2001.

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