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Hello Bogus,

If you have ever saw Eric Dollard explaining the electricity's states it could be sumurized to four basic.

a) Direct current electricity
b) Alternating current electrcicty
c) Oscillating current (displacement) electricity
d) Pulsed electricity

Tesla coils or anything operating at Radio frequency, the current actually is of oscillating nature and does not require normal ground (return wire) as first (a+b) states do.
i have some experience myself based on Dr Sifler's SEC and i can proudly say that even me have attended one wire power trasnfer to power loads. period.

The video concerned is Russian and cannot understand a word.

I see a Tesla coil operated by a transistor? having a primary / secondary with a topload a metal cup. A wire is connected to the cup. Inside the cap is fitted a 2,5 or 25 uf , 500vac cap in series to a 100 watts lamp (more or less) and afterwords going down to primary coil (ground reference).
The lamp lights brightly.

Apart from the nice conversion of the Tesla coil's secondary to light a bulb is there any reference of efficiency?

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