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Originally Posted by baroutologos View Post
@ Cody

Man, this is a common mistake many people do calculating power out of specific coil arrangements.
When the manufacturer talks about voltage e.g 10Kv it mentions it at a open circuit (not working) across the leads.
When the manufacturer talks about current he talks about a dead short. Not under load applied. So it is quite misleading to calculate performance like that.

example 1
In too many generators i made, open circuit voltage was 400volts, short current 0.4 amps. The actual performance of my design was nowhere near 160watts. actually somewhere 15-30 watts.

example 2
My ignition coil has a open circuit voltage 40Kv. (i can assure for that ) whereas a dead short current around 20mA. (i put a 20 mA bulb and light same brightens as same miliamps at 12volts)

This means it outputs 800 watts? I can assure you not.


ps: I wait with anxiety results from Turion
EXACTLY. You should use open circuit and all click in place . Proof that Tesla coil produce radiant energy :
Еще один способ снятия энергии с ГТБМ :: Видео на RuTube

(russian video) Keep attention to "device" put on top of TC - it's variation of Tesla radiant energy patent
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