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Good luck

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I have been seriously thinking about Don Smiths devices and am in the process of building the simple one he begins to explain how to build at the end of video 4
YouTube - Donald L Smith Device 4 Of 5 and in video 5.
My parts list is as follows
One 12 volt 7 1/2 amp hour battery
One 12 to 120 volt inverter
One high voltage module
One Spark Gap
Two Coils
A couple diaodes
One resister (value yet to be determined)
One 120 volt isolation transformer
One Veracter
One CRV meter and several analogue and digital meters/

Some of my parts I won't be able to get until next Tuesday, so I am working on what I can for now.

I spent most of my morning designing and building my coils per his instructions. The larger coil has ten windings spaced about 1/4 of an inch apart. The smaller coil is exactly five times the length of the wire in the larger coil. My concern with my current design is that there is too much distance between the larger coil and the smaller coil, but I will try it as is and figure out a way to modify it in the future. I already have a couple ideas on how to do that with my existing materials, but that can wait

The tricky part of the whole thing, according to Mr. Smith is that the smaller (in diameter) coil needs to be a multiple (in length of wire) of the larger (in diameter)coil, and that the resistor between the two input wires of the isolation transformer must be exactly correct. To get the correct resistor, do the following:

Since the transformer needs to operate at 120 cycles, you need to measure the inductance across the input side of the transformer in henries using a LCR meter. Using the "Handbook of Electronic Tables" ISBN number 0-672=22469-0 plot your reading in henries and 120 Hertz (what you want it to operate at) on the chart. Connect them with a line. Where that line crosses the farad and ohms line, see what the resistance is that you need for this particular circuit.

According to him, this particular device does NOT have to be tuned as do some of his larger ones, which is what makes it so simple. Just wire it up the way he describes and see what happens.

Wish me luck, and I'll keep you informed on what happens, provided I don't blow myself up in the process.
Waiting on the seat of my pants with much interest. Thankyou for trailblazing on this forum.

Love and light
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