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Originally Posted by morpher44 View Post
Looking from the top of the coil down I used CCW for all.
I'm guessing that as long as all coils are same direction, that
mutual induction will work most effectively.
However, it may not make a noticeable difference.
I wound up the 6 coils today, havent had alot of time to play with them but I did manage to run a couple tests...

First I wired them one coil to the other - top/top then bottom/bottom and so on but it seemed to cancel each other out then wired them top to bottom standard series and it worked well. That was why I asked about the coil windings, the 2007 patent showed it CW then CCW wiring them top/top-bottom/bottom... at least thats what it looked like to me.. kind of confusing looking at all the coils in the drawing.

Laying next to a coil that was driven with 5 volts and 3ma at 2mHz the outer coil connections would light 12 LED's in series very nicely. The series LED's are on an AV plug.

I used a function generator to drive the center coil, 10v p-p at around 5ma. Brought it to resonance at about 690khz and the 12 LED's would light nicely in close proximity to the outer coils - no contact was made.

The scope showed an almost perfect sine wave with around a 350 volt peak to peak output at resonance connected to the output leads on the outer series coils.

Definately some potential here. I'll probably play around with these as they are for a bit before I wind the outer shorting coils...

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