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Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
Here's a set of 2 vids that makes some compelling arguments for the 2nd airliner hitting the towers to be all "CG" hoax. | The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11

The synchronized news broadcasts 0f the 5 networks shown in Part 2 are very interesting (just click the "continue" button to see #2).

I havent watched all of the video in that link you posted. It does seem very interesting, such as one feed having no background while others do. What is interesting is that so many media feeds were from the exact same angle..

However there are quite a few obvious inncorrect points that the video makes, one being the path of the incomming plane. The video trys to distinguish two different flight paths, but the two video feeds theyre using are at different angles when the creator charts the path. Only when the feeds are at the exact angle does the creator display the path (which implys two different paths when in fact it is not) Also, they assume the sun reflecting off the building corner is the sky in the background, they wonder why you couldnt see the plane, its because your not looking at the background sky.

Are they trying to make a case for it being a missle and not a plane that hit the tower? Wouldnt people on the ground notice weather a plane was really there or not?

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