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@Aaron: Thanks for the clarification. I think I've learned what I need to from the SG by itself--needless to say, there's probably more secrets in that thing than I've found so far. It continues to surprise me, especially in light of how simple it appears. I'm sure you're probably aware of John Bedini's sense of urgency in wanting people to learn the technology (as expressed in this message). I have every reason to believe that he's right, and mostly from what I've been seeing from independent sources. The time is short. And I'm sure you'd agree that this isn't the place to discuss such things.

At any rate, I've started some preliminary load testing, and the data so far is encouraging. Under the first load test, the battery took about 45 minutes to discharge down to 12.00V (under a 25W load running from a voltage inverter). Charging took about 30 hours to get it up to 13.46V (have to retune the thing for a PSU). Running another load test, the battery took about 60 minutes to discharge down to 12.00V under the same load. So there's something very interesting going on here. I'll post more details as testing progresses.
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