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An Open Letter to David Rockefeller

Originally Posted by Vortex View Post

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."
The root of the problems are not in politics, government, laws, voting, etc. it's money ...

Working for money can not be fixed ... money is the only problem.
money is the only problem = guns kill people
Guns Kill People. Period. - A Capital View (

"Give me control of a nation's moneyand I care not who makes the laws."
"Yes, mankind has been painfully foolish in following your many destructive directives. We understand whose bidding you do. One only need look at the fruits of your work to understand that. Your usurious banking cabal has virtually enslaved mankind in a kind of mental trap as many have yet to wake up to the reality that there is no debt to the World Bank. "
The Shot Heard Around The World - H1N1 Vaccination Dangers
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