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TEST #8 "Clean Up" and "Mosfet Shunt"

Hi everyone,

Here is a short test after doing some recommended "Device Under Test" (DUT) circuit modifications ....

1) Prototype "Load Resistor" - remove circuit alligator test clips and connect with crimp-on wire ring terminals

2) Mosfet Source Pin - remove 3" wire extension wire for probe connection, probe now connected to Mosfet "source" pin

3) Battery Probe Connection - relocated to the common probe ground terminal connection point, Probe tip now twelve (12) inches from prototype "Load Resistor"

************************************************** ******

Channel 1 - Mosfet source shunt
Channel 2 - Mosfet drain
Channel 3 - 555 Timer pin #3
Channel 4 - 24 VDC "Liquid" Lead Acid Battery Bank


"Snapshot with Math Functions"

1_40us_11_06_09.CSV Spread Sheet File


2_40us_11_06_09.CSV Spread Sheet File


1_100ns_11_06_09.CSV Spread Sheet File

************************************************** *******

This is a test using only two oscilloscope probes with one probe tip on Channel-1 between the Mosfet and Shunt and Channel-2 between the Shunt and the Battery Negative (B-) terminal.

Both probe grounds Channel-1 and Channel-2 connected to a separate isolated AC ground point "NOT" to the battery negative (B-) terminal

Channel 1 - Mosfet Source to Shunt
Channel 2 - Shunt to Battery Negative
Channel 3 - 555 Timer Pin #3
(no probe connection - reference only)


MOSFET_SHUNT_BAT-N_555.CSV Spread Sheet File

All Images and data by a Tektronix TDS 3054C from the Tektronix Corporation