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I have the machine

Originally Posted by phi1.62 View Post
In Part 6 I noticed that Eric mentioned that Chris Carson created an electrostatic equivalent of the N-Machine, which consisted of a 1000pf variable capacitor that was spun by a 10,000 rpm motor. Does anyone have any further information on this?
Dear Phi,

After Chris died of aggressive Glioblastoma (cell phone induced) brain cancer, his wife donated most of his research and experimental models to friends and other institutions. When I was asked if there was anything I wanted, the only thing I asked for was the rotating variable capacitor generator model. I still have it, though I have not done anything with it yet.

Eric's statement, that it is "an electrostatic equivalent" of the N-machine, is not the best way to describe it. It is more like the inverse, compliment of a variable reluctance generator. The machine has two sections where stator plates and rotor plates rotate in-between each other, varying the capacitance. These two sections are 180* out of phase with each other, so when the rotor plates are connected to a source of 5,000 volts, and spun at 10,000 rpm, the two sections of the stator produce an AC signal between them. Drawing power from the machine produces no drag on the input motor.

There are other ways to wire it, as well.

Chris was a brilliant engineer and experimentalist. If I can find the machine in my garage, I'll post a few pictures of it.


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