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Smile Question(s)...


I just joined PATHS 3 weeks ago and I have some questions. However, I don't even know how to post.
I've only looked at this site a few times, and I have seen your name often, thus I am writing you.
I don't seem to be feeling any results yet. I am using other alternative therapies.
I DO believe this program works as I believe and know The Law of Attraction.
I also believe in instant healing(s). I am wondering if I am blocking the healing(s) or that there is a myriad of issues to be addressed and dealt with in my Life.
Basically, what happened is April 30, I had surgery and I have not been/felt the same since. Except for a exciting spititual adventure for a couple of weeks with a group overseas to France and Malta during June and early July, I've not much motivation or passion to pursue anything except for knowledge of my spiritual quest. The surgery has added injury to insult I might say, that the same problem is still here I hoped to alleviate, and it caused negative hormonal changes...
I don't know what to do sometimes, I do know I won't give up so however you can help me, I thank you.

PS I am a female; my profile says I'm male, how do I change that???

Have a great day!
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