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1200 feet

"Hubbard ran wires North, South East and West, 1200 feet in each direction from his coil generator in the center. These wires passed over 18 of the Earth's square poles in each direction and ended connected to a steel tube with some mercury in it, in the center of the 19th pole in each direction."

1200 feet is approx 365.8 meters. If we think of
each of these as a quarter wave, that antenna
would be for 200Khz or so.

But I had another thought regarding this 1200 foot length.
In reading about the Schumann frequency

Schumann resonances - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I see that the Schumann resonance electric field is approx.
~300 microVolts/m.
With 365.8 meter, that works out to a voltage of about
110 volts (which is an interesting number).

Lightning strikes around the planet produce very large spikes
at resonance, but there is not much signal above 100Khz.

I think if you did construct an antenna with 4 1200 foot
long wires, each going N, S, E & W, that you could
derive quite a hefty voltage.

Hubbard then used a mercury filled device to create the
make-break pulse he needed to enter his coil.

btw, 1200 feet is 3.333 american football fields.
or 3.48 soccer fields.

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