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Hi folks, I am enjoying reading peoples perspectives on this here. I have not too long ago come to the conclusion as others seem to have as well, like the man speaking in the 'claiming our inheritance' videos, that money itself was never, has never and still is not needed and is only used as an intermediary tool to control others even if the so called money is backed by precious metals or what not. It still can be used to manipulate. Though non-fiat currency or precious metal backed ink paper or ideally gold or silver coin will probably have to be used in the transition to a world that will have no use for it any longer. I would like to state that I have no anger for those still supporting these systems as they are serving a purpose and as far as I'm concerned they have helped me to see who I am, an unlimited being. I see how hard they have to work to keep the illusion of lack and limitation going, now that's dedication, as misguided as it is, I now see the reason. Schoolroom earth. A school room does not change, we change and move to another room.
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