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Thumbs up Energetic Healers Revelation Power Package

PATHS Power Packages

We have taken the best and most proven instructions and added upon them to create these Brand New Power Packages.

Energetic Healers Revelation:

This Power Package is a special grouping that synergistically packs a Huge Energetic Punch.

It will support you by enhancing your connection to the unlimited resources within yourself and the aether. With this, your healing and intuitive capabilities will skyrocket, as well as your ability to help clients heal themselves, and more keenly tune into your clients needs so you can best direct them in their healing.

This package is the key to Energetic Healing Success no matter what modality you practice.

If, however, you practice one of the below methods, you can add one of these special boosters for Free:

Chinese Energetic Medicine
Matrix Energetics
Theta Healing

To get one of the boosters, simply email us at and let us know which you would like.

To read more about Power Packages, click here.

Happiness & Health,

PATHS, S.A. Staff

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