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Corrupt governments

Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
That's so true, Randy, and a very good point. For those who do not understand the fraudulent process that now occurs after we vote, please read the articles at this site:

Also be sure to read this article, which tells how our votes should be counted: HOW OUR VOTES SHOULD BE COUNTED EVERY ELECTION in your precinct

The Precinct Strategy has the power to restore honesty and accountability to vote counting, and that is one of its major aims, along with kicking out corrupt career politicians and replacing them with people who will support and defend our Constitutional rights.

Best 2 U,

Hi Rick and all

I am totally anti government as it stands.

We are all in a crisis and I pay my taxes every month, and when I fall short of the money I need to pay that month I am fined a huge amount and interest on the amount.

Now last year I paid all and the government needed to make a refund, that was last june, as of now they have not paid me, and when they do there is NO INTEREST paid to me. One law for the workers and another for the governments.

There take on this is they are not obliged to pay up to the end of this year. What are they doing with the excess I have paid in the year before? Why can they not pay interest as it is a loan from me to the government? Why do I have a fine when I can not pay because they have NOT PAID ME?

I am so depressed and disilusioned with the governing world at the moment that I could not care a SH.T what they do with me, I am nearley 59 and worked hard all my life, paid taxes on my work, bought things and paid taxes on those, pay local taxes to the local government, pay taxes every year for driving a car, I will die and pay taxes on what is left, from my grave, THIS IS ONE BIG FRAUD; CON what ever you want to call it. Yes we have to pay taxes, but NOT AT THE RATE OF 70% of your income.

A very angry

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