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Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
Hi Randy,

It will be quite interesting to see what happens with this lawsuit, which is just 3 days away. I'm sure the government will try to have it dismissed as trivial nonsense, and they will say that it didn't deserve a response because of its trivial nature. If they don't succeed in that tactic, then no doubt they will reject any judgment against them, so how could any judgment be enforced? Even if no appeal is possible, the government could tie this process up indefinitely. They will think of some way to do that. So while the case does appear to have legitimate grounds to proceed, I don't think we can feel safe in expecting that it will put an end to Ruling Class control. We can, and should, hope for the best in this avenue, but I think we need to cover our bets by taking action with the Precinct Strategy as well.

Best 2 U,

Rick, I agree.. those that do not govern themselves shall be governed by others.
Bottom up .. not the top down (aka: the Trickle down)

Does the plan have a solid foundation and travels upon a road based in reality
or might the foundation be like quicksand and the road traveled be
a yellow brick road of illusion based in a web of deceptions?
It matters not that every vote counts.. it
only matters who does the counting of the votes.

The suit was not dismissed, that happens before anything begins.
This suit begun and the time clock ran out on the defendants.
Lower court tactics have not occurred here.. in fact this court is
instructing and requesting via use of the word "Please" in writing ...

"Enforcement" ? when the employee does not follow company policy what happens?
when an employee refuses to wear the company T-Shirt,
does not push the "Super-Size-Me" or does not wash hands after using
the restroom .. what happens to that employee?
Same thing applies here ..

"tie this process up indefinitely", no delays have occurred yet.

The suit is requiring clarification of words to remove ambiguous use
and brings into view the legalese redefinition of words that have allowed
the gross misuse in application.
The words are the weapons being used against us.

US Code defines UNITED STATES as a corporation.
The policies of a corporation: acts, statues, bills, codes, rules, regulations,
laws, etc. etc. whatever words the corporation wishes to call "the policies"
only apply to employees of that corporation.
Remember to be kind to your mind ...
Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."

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