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Reply to Randy:

Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
Rick, I agree with the bottom up approach. BUT?

Should we not reexamine the foundation of which we are trying
to build upon? Does that foundation even exist?

The corporation doing business as "government" has been sued.
The named Defendant(s) are all in default due to no action was taken
by them. A summary judgment against all is all that is left.

The initial hearing will happen on Nov. 6th, 2009
aka Government is sued as a Corporation
Hi Randy,

It will be quite interesting to see what happens with this lawsuit, which is just 3 days away. I'm sure the government will try to have it dismissed as trivial nonsense, and they will say that it didn't deserve a response because of its trivial nature. If they don't succeed in that tactic, then no doubt they will reject any judgment against them, so how could any judgment be enforced? Even if no appeal is possible, the government could tie this process up indefinitely. They will think of some way to do that. So while the case does appear to have legitimate grounds to proceed, I don't think we can feel safe in expecting that it will put an end to Ruling Class control. We can, and should, hope for the best in this avenue, but I think we need to cover our bets by taking action with the Precinct Strategy as well.

Best 2 U,


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