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what is reality and what is not?

Rick, I agree with the bottom up approach. BUT?

Should we not reexamine the foundation of which we are trying
to build upon? Does that foundation even exist?

A peaceful effort has already been undertaken.
The only thing broken is our perception?
Back up a step, validate the ground upon which you stand first.
Does the public vote for the President of any corporation?

The corporation doing business as "government" has been sued.
The named Defendant(s) are all in default due to no action was taken
by them. A summary judgment against all is all that is left.
All other courts have been named as defendants .. !!!!
A defendant court can not be the COURT OF APPEAL and
therefore there is no court that can hear an appeal...
To go higher than this court, one has to go to an international court.

This is the highest court in the land, yes higher than the Supreme Court
for this suit.

The initial hearing will happen on Nov. 6th, 2009 as to what happens next.

aka Government is sued as a Corporation

This suit rips the rug out from under "the pretenders" and exposes them as
just a corporation, think of Disneyland's Magic Kingdom is "The Most Magical Place On Earth" .. something like that.

What does it all mean? It means no authority existed.
We were told there was and we believed.
It means NOTHING applies to us!
Taxes, courts, laws, prisons, the national debt, everything, Nothing!

Curiously on Dun and Bradstreet, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
is listed as having an address at: 41 DEERING RD WAPATO, WA 98951
Ask yourself: Why is that?
Can there be a US of A in each State or can there can be only one for all 50?
Remember to be kind to your mind ...
Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."
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