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This Strategy Will Work

I have just learned of a brilliant strategy for kicking all the corrupt politicians out of office in 2010 and 2012. This strategy is being promoted as "the only realistic way in existence to reclaim our nation through peaceful, constitutional means," and I can see that this is really so. We can see that there is very little hope of defeating incumbent politicians (those already in office) by attempting to elect independent representatives to replace them. So since we cannot beat the Republicans or Democrats, the only strategy that makes sense is to take over both the Republican and Democrat parties. The strategy for doing this begins at the local neighborhood level, which is the Precinct area in which you vote. Every county is divided into many Precincts, and each Precinct has Republican and Democrat organizational meetings where officers are nominated and elected. To vote at one of these meetings, the only requirement is that you must be a voter registered to the same party holding the meeting, and you must attend at least two meetings before the one in which you intend to vote. The idea behind a takeover strategy is to begin educating people in your local Precinct community through separate meetings, and then to have this group of people decide on what persons they should support as takeover candidates. With sufficient grassroots support, the group attends the required 2 meetings before a vote is scheduled, and then show up in force when it is time to elect the Precinct officers. It only takes just one committed person to get the ball rolling in your neighborhood, by reaching out to others and explaining the strategy to them. This can be you, or you can join a group already doing this. To learn how this strategy can work, and will work if we adopt and pursue it, please watch the videos, "The Strangest Political Secret" and "What You Can Do Right Now" at this website: Wag The Dog 2010

To learn how this strategy has already worked successfully for a Nevada Precinct, read the article found here: New Page 1
This tells exactly how a group of people in Nevada implemented the strategy and wrested control of their Precinct's Republican organization away from the corrupt political puppets who were simply yes men to the County and State level organizations. The same thing can be done with the Democrat organization in your local Precinct. Once local Precinct captains and committee members are elected, they get to go to the County level meeting and vote on County officers. It is at this COUNTY precinct organizational meeting that inadequate party leaders can be BOOTED OUT and replaced with Party Leaders who will restore honest, verifiable election vote counting, and endorse principled candidates devoted to the true freedoms our country was founded on. So you see, the Precinct Strategy has real power to bring about change, and to unseat corrupt career politicians, thus ending the influence of the New World Order and the Ruling Class over political affairs.

To get started with a local Precinct Strategy plan in your neighborhood, read the information at this site: National Precinct Activists 2010 (Cincinnati, OH) -
You will see two handy links at the top of this site page that will allow you to either Find a Meetup Group, or Start a Meetup Group if no local Precinct Strategy group currently exists.

So go for it - this strategy can and will work if we will use it. While phoning and e-mailing our government representatives, and attending Tea Parties and other rallies can help bring public attention to change that is needed, only this Precinct Strategy will give us the power to make the changes that are needed. View the videos, read the articles, get enthused, and get involved.

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