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Let's start a new thread...

Originally Posted by nali2001 View Post
Dear Peter,
I apologize for this somewhat off topic post, but since you and Bedini have history you might know a thing or two about the 'Tesla Switch' and alike systems. I think these systems might be a good addition for these No-back emf motor designs especially since they can be driven like dc low ohmic induction loads. Not much input is lost in the form of heat and such.

For those who do not know what I am talking about read:
Start at page 25 (to 36)

So this post is kind of a double post. On the one hand I see the Tesla Switch having huge advantages, but on the other hand, except for the Bedini page there is no real info to be found anywhere about this system... Why? well Peter what is your take on the Tesla Switch, and in case Bedini is reading this, please feel free to jump in.


This topic is very important to consider, but is really OFF TOPIC for this forum, since it requires multiple posts to thoroughly discuss it.

Start a new thread and I'll address the answers there.

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