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Originally Posted by d3adp00l View Post
To imply that a grown person needs to be treated like an adolesant is rediculous.

And get off the damned political fence. If you don't think it was right for them to suspend the man, then grow a pair and THEN STAND UP for it. I can understand the intent and spirit of the rule, I have common sense.
Well, d3, I see adults acting like children all the time. They do, indeed, need to be treated like adolescents, and are. What about helmet laws, for instance? What about seat belt laws? What about talking on a cell phone while driving like a drunk? What about all the people who have been killed by drunk drivers? We have a toothless law against driving while talking on the phone in this state, but I still see countless drivers talking on the phone while driving, not using turn signals, cutting people off, changing lanes willy-nilly, running stop signs, etc., etc.

As for the rest of your rude diatribe, I don't usually get involved in politics because I can usually see both sides of an argument and oftentimes the shades of gray between the two sides. What's to stand up for in this instance? My input won't have any bearing on the case and I don't feel strongly enough about either side of the issue to "take a stand". Feel free if you feel so inclined. It has nothing to do with me or anyone I care about more than in a general they-are-all-part-of-me sense. In a discussion about the issue raised, I can see both sides of the argument and could argue from either viewpoint. I have no need or desire to choose a side or get off of any fences. I could even choose a tack that hasn't been broached yet in this discussion. That's the beauty of this country. We have choices. I don't have to behave or write the way you want me to.
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