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Ok the high school locker theory, throw that out. We are talking about grown people who can and are responsible for their actions, not children.

To imply that a grown person needs to be treated like an adolesant is rediculous.

And get off the damned political fence. If you don't think it was right for them to suspend the man, then grow a pair and THEN STAND UP for it. I can understand the intent and spirit of the rule, I have common sense.

It was wrong of them, P period.

Until we get back to understanding right and wrong and acting accordingly this BS of "no wrong answer" and PC crap will continue to ruin us. No one wants to take a stand because they might be wrong. Well get over it, stand firm, if you find out you made a mistake, apologize for it, and then correct it. Don't try to twist, manipulate or otherwise weasel out of it.
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