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Working on other video

Hi Rosemary and Harvey,

Thanks for your comments on the video, the secound is being worked out now, it is in relation to this thread.

The power coil is replaced by a 10 ohm 15w wire wound resistor, I do not have the resistor you are using, but this will give something near the results and explain a little as to what is happening as far as I see.

On the video I was using a 50% duty+-, the meter was in series with the battery and the complete circuit and as so was showing the total amp draw of which part was the pwm and as so this is taken out of the equation to give the gain in the steap circuit.

The gain is quite evident, now where is it coming from? my take on this, as this is how I designed the circuit so as to do this, is in the complicated phasing created in the circuit.

We have a 12v input DC whichis pulsed at a frequency and duty to the circuit. The output is the power coil with the 0.39 cap to form the tank. the frequency is set to tune the circuit into its main resonance. Now the phasing transformer starts to work as a collector of the harmonics and send them back in again, "thats why I said complicated". When the mosfet turns off the BEMF goes into the phasing transformer as well as it has now other place to go, this sets up further resonance in the tank.

Now the mosfet switches on and adds another pulse into the mix and so it goes on. This is why we have high voltage on just about all parts of the circuit and a voltage difference on the two legs of the output. I will show this on another video where on the one phase we can have 150v and the other 110v.

The frequency has to be turned to the main resonant frequency it start with and is done by tuning to max volts at min amps with the load connected.

I'm rambling a lot, sorry about that, but I am quite passionate about this.


The pulse jet was something that I started when I got my hands rapped on the jet engine project. I was told not to continue on this and that is why I have not posted more.

Must get on with the video, hope to post it later today