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Hi Antiquer,
The videos can be found on google in a four part series. Right now I don't have the capability to copy and paste the google videos so everyone will have to look for them independently. I know it is a long series of videos but the real question is you. For there is the you before you watch the videos and the you after you watch the videos, the two will not be of the same mindset. That is the real question that has to be addressed.


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Hi H20Power;

Got a link to that? The one I gave was a short clip that included clips from a 10 hour series, interviews, etc. I don't think many of us are going to watch the whole thing, but it's there if you want to. There is also one where he details what the Federal Reserve Bank is [B]supposed[B] to do. The biggest problem with capitalism is what he didn't mention; what happens when so much excessive greed get's into the system with nothing to control it? It collapses.

That's what is going on now. I recently saw an interview with Frank McKenna, former prime minister of Canada and a micro banker. He said the Canadian banks did not need a single dollar from their government during the current crisis as their government had controls which prevented investment in things like toxic assets. He also stated adamantly the current crisis was caused by nothing but pure greed at high levels in the world financial markets. As he has now officially ratted out his buddies, I guess he had better watch his back!

All this discussion, research and publishing of results is great, but unless we can motivate people to get out and do something about it it will all be in vain. Anyone got any suggestions to that end that have not been mentioned yet?

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