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Hi Mike,

It is one thing to be watched and read. I have been watched from the time I left CSI in 1981 onward, due to my knowledge and involvement of the Indium Phosphide project which was funded by the US government. From the days of BBS onward I have watched numerous files pass from my hard drives off into cyberspace. My clients have watched 'camped' IP's outside their routers only to be told by the FBI that they are legal and not to be worried about them. I don't mind the benign and the occasional perusal as all of the sensitive stuff is kept off site and undisclosed locations. Everything they can access has not been restricted.

What I take exception to, is the deliberate malice associated with occupying my time cleaning up behind them. Their intent is not to take information, they already have all of that. No, their intent is to try and create distrust among members and steal time away from the project.

My surprise was that Academics are apparently interested as well as the BBC, broadcasting or government either one.

Good job on the video. I think I've seen that term used on other forums and videos..."AV Plug" it think it is? It may be good to explain it here, as I for one have forgotten the actual components involved and the phase relationship it offers. Do you have a phototransistor or CDS cell? A simple meter can be fabricated using one that can give real data for comparative analysis. Also, a little information regarding the ammeter configuration in the PWM panel. Is that in series with the input feed? Waiting anxiously for the next video

As an aside, I found your video on the pulse engine interesting. Did you ever produce any followup on that yet? Do you have a thread here? I may have an idea or two regarding the elimination of all moving parts.



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