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Originally Posted by Shamus View Post
Also in use by the 'Ruling Class' is the idea of 'Devide et Impera' or 'Divide and Conquer'. I'm still amazed that it works, but it's very evident in the vicious and nasty attacks that you come under when you dare to say anything negative about the current POTUS. It still amazes me that people can't see the fact that the political parties we have been given are two sides of the same coin. Because 'Divide and Conquer' works so well, people will automatically assume that you are for the opposing political party if you have anything bad to say about the current POTUS, no matter which party he comes from.
That's so true, Shamus. The Ruling Class knows every trick in the book when it comes to confusing people. The issue that we should be concerned with is how to kick out the corrupt politicians and government officials, take the money factor out of campaigns, and eliminate influential power of corporations and lobbyists. Instead, the Ruling Class artfully pits Republicans against Democrats, ethnic groups against other ethnic groups, white collar workers against blue collar workers, and one religion against another. With all this divisiveness, it's no wonder we can't get anything accomplished.

Folks reading this thread may assume that I am a Republican just because I am willing to speak against the current administration, but that isn't where my loyalty lies. I am equally disapproving of Republicans in government who deserve criticism. Like you, I also see our two party system as two faces of the same coin. No matter how you flip it, it is still the same item and has the same value. No matter how many times we elect a Republican or Democrat administration, nothing is going to change in any meaningful way to benefit us. Those who think that increasing the size of government, and the number of entitlement programs, is beneficial to us are deluding themselves. That only makes us more dependent on government, and unable to chart our own destiny.

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