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Well, I think your lead-in to this thread is just a little misleading. I don't think it has anything to do with it being an American flag or anyone's patriotism. Nor is it necessarily crazy. I look at it this way: People sticking bumper stickers and other things on their locker can cause problems. Problem one being the removal of said stickers when a FF leaves and someone else now has that locker. Department has probably spent a lot of money on painting the lockers and removing stickers. (Note ugly partially removed sticker in your attached picture.) Problem two may be that fire fighters have been known to put offensive stickers on the outside of their lockers and rather than handle it on a case by case basis, they just made a rule that from now on, no more stickers on lockers.
Near as I can tell, nobody "banned" the American flag. No one has affronted American ideals. Nobody was suspended for being "patriotic". If I am wrong, please point out where. Thanks
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