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Guys - I think as a word of caution - it appears that our computers have all been fairly heavily targeted by some interested parties. Harvey's shown us the extent of his own compromised situation, Fuzzy's also cleaning things up and, discussion with Aaron shows an even wider target range. My own computer has now got a fairly aggressive blocker of the odd hacker - lacking until today. So. Those of us who subscribe to conspiracy theories - there always seems to be due and ample cause lending fuel to the fire - grist to the mill. Whatever.

Mike - I don't think you were the cause. I think that these forums keep some rivetted attention from all kinds of interested parties. But Jibbguy is right. Provided one can keep a reasonable handle on the abuses - then open source is, in fact, our best protection. Even if we're individually targetted - the fact remains that it will need the systematic destruction of every member's credibility before another orchestrated attack on the individual can ever again warrant effectiveness or force. We're all a bit tired. But I think we're nearly at the top of a really long climb. It will be so nice to see the view from that summit. My prediction is that things will never quite look the same. A spectacular dawn on aether rising. Can't wait.

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