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This is all great stuff Rick. And when you start looking into the past you start to realize just how long the 'Ruling Class' has been around.

As I'm sure you know, this idea of 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' was also popularized by Hegel who called it 'Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis'. And the idea predates Hegel; when you look at Plato's writings and his use of Socratic Dialectic you have to come to the conclusion that this is an ancient science. I'm almost 100% sure that a little research into ancient Egpyt and India would reveal the same ideas...

Also in use by the 'Ruling Class' is the idea of 'Devide et Impera' or 'Divide and Conquer'. I'm still amazed that it works, but it's very evident in the vicious and nasty attacks that you come under when you dare to say anything negative about the current POTUS. It still amazes me that people can't see the fact that the political parties we have been given are two sides of the same coin. Because 'Divide and Conquer' works so well, people will automatically assume that you are for the opposing political party if you have anything bad to say about the current POTUS, no matter which party he comes from.
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