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P-R-S in the USA

Those who read my previous two posts should have a clear understanding of how the Problem-Reaction-Solution construct was employed by Hitler and the Nazi Ruling Class of Germany to achieve goals and objectives quickly while always maintaining strong public support. Public support is key to this psychology, and what better way to garner that support than by tricking the public into believing that the government is responding to the public's demands for action.

The Problem-Reaction-Solution construct did not begin with Hitler, and it did not end with his death. It has been used in virtually every corner of the world by persons, and groups, desiring to attain and hold onto wealth, power, and influence. Wealth is money and resources. Resources can be items that have a monetary value, or a logistical value (a standing army, for instance). Power is the ability to use money and resources to seize or maintain control over wealth and resources. Influence is the ability to shape personal or public opinion to agree with the philosophy of the person wielding the influence, and can be accomplished by use of threat and violence, or by an offer of a benefit. The Ruling Class long ago discovered that wealth and power (their sustenance) is most easily achieved through the artful use of influence, and that offers seen as beneficial to people were even more successful than threats or violoence. You have probably heard the term "influence peddling" used before. Influence peddling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Influence peddling is supposedly illegal, but politicians and lobbyists (usually former politicians now working for corporations and special interest groups) use the technique all the time and with little backlash. Naturally, the higher that one is on the political ladder, the more effective their potential for influence becomes. The President, and his cabinet members, are in the most influential positions of our government. The victor in a presidential election supposedly gets to choose the members of his cabinet, but that is an illusion. The cabinet members are actually chosen, or "highly suggested" by the powerful elite of the Ruling Class. These appointments are an expected payback to be made to the Ruling Class for using their power and influence to get the president elected. And this is just the beginning. The influence of the Ruling Class over the office of the President is so substantial that the President can hardly accomplish anything without their approval, and to go against the Ruling Class is political suicide. The first thing that politicians do after winning an election is to vote themselves a pay raise, and the second thing they do is to start planning for re-election. It takes a lot of money, and a lot of influence, to win an election, and who has more money and influence than the top echelons of the Ruling Class? No other group of people.

Now let's look at how the Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario can be used by the Ruling Class to nominate a candidate, and then to see that the candidate is elected president. First, the Ruling Class looks for potential candidates who possess certain qualities that could make the candidate electable, based upon their research on public opinion. In the latest presidential election, the Ruling Class knew that the one thing that people wanted more than anything else was change. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the economy, were seen by people as the problem. The reaction of the people was to demand change. So the Ruling Class knew that anything and anyone that represented radical political change would be not only desirable, but a necessity. Their solution would be to offer the people a candidate who would be perceived as being completely different than any candidate ever offered in any previous election. Obama represented that vision perfectly, so the ruling class threw their weight behind him. They pushed the slogan, "change you can believe in." With their near total control over media, Obama was presented to the people as the candidate who represented our best hope for total change. The Ruling Class also supported Hillary Clinton, and she was their back-up plan in the unlikely event that Obama would lose the Democrat party nomination. Money poured in to the Obama election campaign coffers in staggering amounts. More money was spent in this election than in any previous one, and only a fraction of that money came from ordinary citizens. The rest came from the Ruling Class, and from every corporation and special interest group which is controlled by Ruling Class influence. The magic of public opinion polls is another tool used by the Ruling Class. People want to cast their vote for someone who will be the likely winner. Nobody likes losing. So if a poll says that 55% of people are expected to vote for a certain candidate, this can actually produce that result. Likewise, opinion polls and media can be utilized to nullify the strength of any opposition candidates.

And so you see, it is a relatively simple matter for the Ruling Class, using the problem-reaction-solution construct, to select, buy, and elect the candidate of their choice - one who will do their bidding when they call in the favors that are expected to be granted them.
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