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Originally Posted by Harvey View Post
Hi All,

Sorry if I have been a bit absent here. I've been triple checking possible security holes to find that Skype seems to be the culprit. For those that think I am only being paranoid, I offer a couple screen shots I've humorously named Octoberus Virus Typicallus:

Octoberus Virus Typicallus

Octoberus Virus Typicallus Emailicus Enumerati

Seriously, though, dealing with this stuff is time consuming and is the only reason such volume has increased 4,000% since I have been involved with the RA circuit. I have done specific IP tracing back from actual live connections facilitated by these viruses, Skype and these two forums (this one and OU).

I was surprised to find a computer in Edinburgh University attached with an active connection. The contact information for that IP block was routed to a building called the James Clerk Maxwell building. That connection was monitoring my contact with Rosemary via Skype. I was also surprised to find a computer connected to mine via the OU forum, also located in England. This one was one of the many associated with the BBC communications company.

Whatever the case, it is quite apparent that someone is trying to throw a wrench into the works here. A word to the wise.

Hi Harvey

The BBC is the british government, this may have come about because of my association with this forum, sorry about that. They use the front of the BBC so as no one can have a go at them if they are discovered as you have done.

The Edinburgh university is a scientific research set up, similar silicon valley in the states, again HMG control.

I am perminently monitored since 1989, I live with it, but it is frustrating when sending files and when the reciever opens the file, the file is empty, which often happens