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circuit differences

Originally Posted by FuzzyTomCat View Post
The added 4k ohms at the 555 positive rail was only for the "Ainslie - Murakami Negitive Dominant Waveform Generator Circuit" and is not used for the "Rosemary Ainslie COP>17 Heater Circuit" sorry for any confusion here with two circuits ......
Just to follow up on this so nobody is confused...the negative dominant waveform tests were never intended to produce heat in the resistor. If anything, I have documented a temperature DROP on a few occasions, while showing a negative net draw from the battery.

It was to show that the circuit load and timer can run on the SAME battery while showing that the battery is giving a net negative wattage meaning the battery is actually receiving MORE than it required to output to the circuit to run the 555 and switch the mosfet.

The circuit Glen is running now IS intended to make heat, which is the original goal and is completely different from the "negative dominant" circuit, which I have done and Glen (the only one that I know of) that has replicated it.
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