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Originally Posted by Joit View Post
First, you cannot sure say, it is the same Amount of Energy, what is comming out.
You can measure something with a Meter, and say it is equal, but you dont count the Fluxfactor from the Field.
Therefor, you can not sure say, how much Energy does move in there.
Second, his assumptions about how long current moves in Wires is taken from
classical View, but it isnt the same in a collapsing Field.
Its pure Speculation, when he claim something, what maybe match at a Labor Experiment once, but not anymore, when you use different Wires and Coils.
Even not sure. if the Mosfet is switching like he assume, but he do anyway no practially things,
just spam the Threads full with Junk.
Therefor, his whole Guessings what he do, he can trow it in a Ton.

And the worst thing you can do is use a Powersupply, because the Spikes are lost in there. You maybe can measure a lesser consumption, but it is not the same.
Most do know it, but they allways try to drag back to Caps and Power supplys,
that the Results surly are not good.
Its a Troll, nothing else, and everyone can see it. Nothing, like ' A Jury'
I understand Joit. We cannot account for everything in the real world. Science is a guessing game and it can be wrong any day now. We just hope that we guess right and predict something that is useful..most of the time.


I'm sorry for causing you trouble. It just made sense to me and I thought it would shed some light by brining it up. I neither see anyone contradicting themselves. Perhalf, it is just only me.