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Hi Quantum. You've no idea what a problem you've caused me by posting MileHigh's post across. I can't leave it unaswered now but frankly I hardly know how to answer it. Here's my best shot.

The argument is based on the premise that the event - the evident waveform - propogates over time. I won't argue this. What I will argue is the time frame in which the event occurs. What is known is that when conductive components are made available through circuitry to stored energy, then that stored energy is able to INSTANTANEOUSLY transfer its energy through space. In other words - even our 'rolls royce' of a DSO can still only record the event some moments after the actual event. We are tracing a time frame that has effectively come and gone. In effect we are grappling with concepts of non-locality which, of themselves are also counter intuitive.

So. From an engineering perspective all makes good logical sense - provided only that the following is also conceded. The current flow must first travel towards and then 'slam into' the MOSFET. Which also means that it must be an 'open terminal event' as MH describes it. Then it must reverse direction and somehow bypass the opposing voltage in its path back to the battery postive - at a speed that also exceeds the time it takes for the DSO to record the spike at the drain. And - back within the time frame of the drain and co-incident with the time frame of the DSO's ability to retrospectively record the waveform - it must then also show that returning energy at the source. This is wholly and entirely illogical.

My own interpretation does not need that open terminal explanation. But I can only account for the returning energy if there is also some event that preceded the spike at the drain. And frankly I haven't been abe to reconcile this unless I bring in a hidden event that exceeded the DSO's measuring capabality.

EDIT And with a reluctant need to also answer MH's edited comments - to the best of my knowledge no-one on this side has danced a victory jig. We're still only pointing to the event and suggesting a date for the proposed dance. What I'm pointing to is that we're all being excessively constrained.

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