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Originally Posted by witsend View Post
Just noticed. This is the 3000'th post. You've got a mamoth task here Ash.
Hi Rosie/ALL

Yes the threads can get up there, but at least here un like they have some relevance LOL. The PDF's make it easier and quicker for the new engineers on board. I remember going through 300 pages for Dr Stiffler that was so much fun! At least now all the critical stuff like contemplation of the size of the load resistor and Glens test are there with Aarons/Harvey's etc stuff for the NEWCOMERS. keeps getting updated.

Just talking with Glen now what to do with the heat on the 555 timer (in the former post), i think we need to re wind our resistor and lay out the board like Alex and Luc. There is some nice fancy equipment at the university i am gonna "raid" when we get it performing properly