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The problem is an old one.

Aron and the rest,

Looking back thru the whole history of intelligent beings on this planet most real important ideas were already thought of and used before. Look at the Bagdad battery. Yet we credit Volta. This is a real laugh now that we have found batteries in ancient Egypt.
If the current theories hold true about Atlantis it would mean an advanced civilization existed before and who know who really thought about what first. In fact most of Newton's ideas came from long periods of him studying religious texts from alot of earlier societies. So is it he who discovered gravity and the laws behind it? I doubt it but no one can say for sure what influenced him to go in the direction that he did. Other then he wasn't a real scientist until he finished his studies. So was it plagurism maybe. Was it original? I highly doubt it.
From the evidence they are putting together by men like Harrimein it sure looks like we are not the original thinkers only rediscoverers.
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