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@ MH and all

I have gone a lot further with that circuit by using poly phasing and I will be putting up a video tomorrow.

I will explain what is that I think is happening then, only to say now that the tests to date on the new circuit, not published yet, are very encouraging, the figures are here:-

input: 12.6v @155ma tuned with loads below
load: drive circuit with no output 30ma
load: drive circuit and 5w load, 155ma current draw

Now a 5w load at 12.6v would normally draw 397ma, but this circuit is drawing in total 155ma of which 30ma is the frequency generator so the 5w load is only drawing 125ma.

Before it is asked, the load is a 5w 12v bulb and the circuit is tuned to show 12.6v at the bulb under power and it is to full light.