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Don't Misunderstand Me

Originally Posted by future pather View Post

No problem. It was obviously a deviation from the thread topic, but I felt your words:

dishonesty will be out of fashion. . . people will want to live together in peace and cooperation.

Caring for others, speaking your truth, and living in integrity is the beginning of this future.

allowed for what I wrote.

I would never want to take away from what you are doing with motors, etc. God knows I can't!

But the clips I posted give what I feel is an excellent overview of a big problem when it comes to world economics and freedom AND it provides a solution. The speaker seems very confident it would work. That positive message seemed worthwhile to me but if you don't feel "attracted" to checking it out, I hold nothing against you


My comments DID allow for what you wrote. The intent of my comments was not to suggest anything inappropriate on your part. I was merely saying that "I don't do politics". In my "IDEAL WORLD" I would outlaw politics as a profession, but I don't think the world is about to be remade in a way that I like. In the meantime, it is necessary for each of us to find our own "path of integrity" and do what is "ours to do".

I honor your path, even as I honor my own.

Please feel free to comment as "the spirit moves you". I'll respond in kind.

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