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Originally Posted by Harvey View Post
No worries...did you get the PM's regarding the 'listener' from our last Skype convo? Well, got that sorted out. Sweden of all places...crazy.

I still want to do a harmonic overlay...don't let me forget.

Also, any word on the current probes?


Two probes shown to be correct. Another calibration run to set the DOS - may have helped. Not sure of all the probes though. Lisa is able to sort out the connection to the internet thing as required - and in due course. Am waiting to hear from their marketing division - I think European. Ace agreed to forward the unit at month end. Saw your brief on off appearance and understand there's problems. Wonder how much of it is actually also at this end?

Seeing in a bright mid morning - the first for a couple of days.

edit - only 1 pm - but understand the problems

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