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Thanks Rosemary - I hope my post there is not too terse, sometimes I get a bit short when trying to be concise. Hopefully the main points will come through to help us move forward progressively here.

I've learned that Office 2007 offers some Calculus tools, but I'm not holding my breath as to the scope of their accuracy. Still, I may upgrade my old XP version (2002), I do have a copy of 2007 available here. It would seem however, that the average of the points as we have been taking comes quite close to the approximate integrand using those methods mentioned prior.

Regarding the timing of the inductive spike at the drain being synchronized with the negative spike at the source, it does beg an answer. In discussing the matter with R.A. Silks, an associate researcher, he did give me some food for thought, but we are still left wondering for sure. Part of the query is related to what is really happening from the perspective of viewing the electrical current in time. If the potential that has been measured on the source pin was the result of the drain going negative, we would expect it to be later in time, after that reversal had occurred...not before as is recorded. I did read in the manual, that the scope has several trigger modes, and in one case you can trigger each waveform separately. Could it be that? Mayhaps the source and drain are separated in time by the trigger mode? I have seen this on my scope even though it is supposed to only have a single trigger for both channels, I have watched the one trace shift in time when it should not...but then...maybe it wasn't my scope, maybe it was the circuit...hmmm. Well, from a conventional approach, the source current would need to be leading the load collapse negative by 180. Another part of the puzzle is: If the negative on the source, is not related to the negative on the drain, where is that association in the data? And another, if the traces are out of alignment, then what does the 'negative before positive' spike on the source align with if not the gate high to low transition?

Has anyone put together the COP values based on Glen's baselines? If so, will they be posted soon? If not, are they being done or has the task been assigned? As you may know, my time is spread thin ATM, but I can perhaps do that if need be.