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I see this put forwards by the so called 'Neo cons' with their project for a new America. All of their plans are in there even future ones that haven't taken place yet like the North American Union. As they crash the dollar they will let the people suffer and then give a solution of a new currancy, already named "the Amero." The people will demand this new currancy but it will come with strings attached like the ending of America to the creation of the North American Union where freedoms are given by the state and the state can take them away. As unbeliveable as this sounds in the hard times to come you will be able to see the mindless masses demand such an action from the government, thus ending America without a shot being fired. 9/11 was just the galvenizing event needed to kick off these plans, since so many are starting to question the events surounding 9/11 they have given use heads-up of another attack they are planning to carry out on us. President Obama warned that another 9/11 is intimate and my best guess is it is be blaimed on Iran so the mindless masses will demand retribution against yet another inocent country who's oil we want. Perhaps they will take out a large city that is nolonger important to them, like LA or Houston. We have to wait and see unfortuintally. But the big lie has already been put into action and the mindless masses took the bait hook, line, and sinker, poor Iraq didn't stand a chance against that lie. But don't take my word for look it up for yourseleves.
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