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Ecklin's real work

Thanks for the reply Peter,
I have always wondered if Ecklin actually build/test 'his' devices.
I mean look at this one:
I mean the thing is 12" wide and 36" !! High, totally made from laminates and needs an air gap of less! than 0.003". There is no way in life that one can build that in their garage, that big and accurate fully from laminates...! So I always wonder with these descriptions If he really did test these things. But from what you said I guess he did not. Ok, a real motor factory will have no problem with this motor they just stamp 1 million laminated shapes for you once the dies are made. But it will probably be beyond the financial capability of a home experimenter.

As you can see half down this page, the EBM machine uses also a reluctance switching principle.
Leslie Szabo, Energy by Motion, over-unity, free energy generator

EBM (Energy By Motion) machine


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