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Have seen these reports and others that say that chelation does not work.

I have personally seen hundreds that it did work for. No, it was not a placebo effect on hundreds of them.

In addition to hundreds of others, both my wife and myself have personally experienced the benefits of proper IV chelation treatments.

In FACT, I just remembered as I was typing this...

Our Blue Cross Health Insurance company PAID for the chelation treatments Mary (my wife) received. She had the early stages of hardening of the arteries in her abdominal area.

BLUE CROSS PAID FOR CHELATION TREATMENT FOR THIS CONDITION. Tests after the treatment showed she no longer had any indication of hardening of the arteries.

The Doctor, the Insurance Company, ourselves obviously know something that those "reports" are not showing.

Anyway, discussions of this type can go on forever.

History is littered with "Medical Reports" debunking treatments and endorsing others, that time has shown to be totally false.

The best way to know if a treatment is good is to talk with people that have had it, and see what their results were.

The worst way to know if a treatment is good is to read reports of people with a financial interest, or a predisposed agenda.

I hope when you or one of your friends/family experience negative effects of diabetes, cholesterol, etc. that you will explore the options to getting put to sleep and cut open.

Here is a link to dozens of testimonials...most of them have phone #'s so you can call and talk to real people.

Real People

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