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Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
Sorry to hear your PC is still down. Could the schematic diagram that you refer to be the one supplied by bussi04 as Gas Processor and Photon Driver Circuit found at this link?:

Or might it be the diagram posted by sebosfato, titled Control System and Resonant Tank Implementation Circuit which is found here?:
The one Bussi04 helped finish for me I wouldn't pay much attention to the Sebofasto one as I have no idea what he is doing and I had to put him on the ignor list for trying to hijack my thread several times. I had HMS776 make some corrections to the circuit and I added figure 4 to the circuit so I could raise and lower the voltage from inputs from the cars systems for overall control of the engine. Bussi04 completed figure 4 and now I am ready for engine trails as soon as I get the injectors modified. For me it will take two of those circuits to run my project car as I am designing it. The one thing I found is circuit of Meyers that are really needed are figures 4 & 5 and they can go to any frequncy generator with a pll circuit. The Electron Extaction Circuit turns out to be very important and I had HMS776 replace the LED driver and EEC hooked up correctly. Trust me it's all there enough to go towards engine trails. Right now I am very excited that soon I will become energy independent.

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