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Rosemary Ainslie COP>17 Heater Circuit - TEST #7

Hi everyone,

Here is some data from a test run using a new 10 ohm Mosfet gate potentiometer to try to bring a better percentage accuracy to the required 5.8 to 5.3 ohms that seems to make this circuit run much more efficient. The test although a very short one was stopped for a good reason when the circuit seemed to self osculate and the Mosfet "drain" voltage went above 610 Volts and the battery's were spiking at around 98 Volts, I immediately terminated the test run because of possible damage to the equipment.

And the results were interesting to say the least ..... and the final Image and Data dump on the 100ns had gains that hasn't ever been seen before, and if possible to maintain these values would be incredible ......

This test was using the same components as TEST #3 and #5 with my prototype "Quantum" 10 ohm load resistor ......

************************************************** *******

Channel 1 - Mosfet source shunt
Channel 2 - Mosfet drain
Channel 3 - 555 Timer pin #3
Channel 4 - 24 VDC "Liquid" Lead Acid Battery Bank


10ms__10_15_09 .xlr Spreadsheet File
10ms_10_15_09 .png Image File


40us__10_15_09 .xlr Spreadsheet File
40us_10_15_09 .png Image File


20us__10_15_09 .xlr Spreadsheet File
20us_10_15_09 .png Image File


2us__10_15_09 .xlr Spreadsheet File
2us_10_15_09 .png Image File


100ns__10_15_09 .xlr Spreadsheet File
100ns_10_15_09 .png Image File

All Images and data from a Tektronix TDS 3054C from the Tektronix Corporation