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Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
Amen to that, Ted.

So many people are willing to accept everything they see, hear, and are taught, at face value - and without question. To them, the only questions that arise occur when they are exposed to alternative realities, and then they only seek to question the sanity and motives of the messengers. Their original "reality" goes unquestioned because it is so deeply ingrained that any suggestion it is false belief is practically unthinkable. I guess that I would be seen by many as being one of the "oddball" people in this world, because all my life I have questioned authority and stood against it when I believed that persons with authority over others were abusing it. Ben Franklin once said, "
It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority," and I firmly believe in that wisdom. Other Franklin quotes, that I feel are especially relevant to this thread are as follows:
One more quote for you:
Great quotes Rick!
'Ol Ben knew what was what when it came to preserving our precious freedoms. We need more guys like him right now. Of course, he'd also be considered a radical and a conspiracy nut and probably locked up by the den of thieves running this country.
Anyone who's not mainstream is considered an oddball. I'm used to it and sort of like the isolation. There's no going back.


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