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Donald Smith Devices too good to be true

I have been devoted past week at studying Donanld Smith's devices and theories.
This man seems serious and claims that overunity or an extraordinary energy gain can be achieved with moderate means.

One device illustrated, and as claime, it was presented at a Tesla symposium, it was the image below.

Don Smith claims that a high frequency alternating current could be modified in frequency by the application of a resistor, a capacitor or perhaps a coil (choke) wired in parallel to the initial HF source.

Does it tell anything to anyone that? Is it makes any sense? That illustration uses a 12 volt powered Neon Sign Transfromer to charge 8000uF caps at 400 volts or so.

LOL? how the... can it be? Is the man heavily miscalculating or is there any explaination to this?


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