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Originally Posted by ANTIQUER View Post
Hi Ted;

I agree with much of what you said, but not all.

Ignorance is not evil; taking advantage of ignorance is evil. Is that what you meant, taking advantage of an ignorant population is evil?
I use ignorance and evil interchangeably because there really is no difference. Evil stems directly from ignorance of love. Anyone who fully accepts love into their heart cannot express evil.
This world is based on the concept of duality. As such there is truth and "not truth". God is truth, God is love. Ignorance of truth is ignorance of love. This is where hate and evil come from. God gives us free will, a brain and the ability to choose either. Our spiritual growth is based on the choices we make.
The reality of creation is a dream of the creator ? What are the spiritual origins of this world? A further explanation, please.


A common concept in western civilization is that God created the world and then sort of sat back and let it go. I believe this to be incorrect.
All forms of creation start with a thought. Thought is the creative energy behind all manifestations. Thoughts are powerful things.
Matter is nothing more than congealed energy. Energy is nothing more than focused thought. God thinks and wills His creation into "our" reality. If God were to ever stop willing His universe into existence, our world would absolutely cease instantly.
We interpret this world as real only because we don't have a conscious alternative to compare it to. This is necessary for us to be here and to play our part in this drama.
Just as our access to the complete knowledge base of technologies has been kept from us, so has the metaphysical origins of who we are been obscured.
Knowledge is power, and those who would seek to control this world hoard it and keep it secret. Whatever they can't keep secret is distorted, discredited and disputed in order to maintain confusion and ignorance among the masses.
Blindly accepting what we are taught in school, in church and in the media as being the best of man's efforts to understand the truth is folly. It takes work and courage to determine what's actually true. The reward for this effort is usually scorn and ridicule from your fellow sheep, but at least it tells you that you're probably on the right track.


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