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If we really want to get spiritual about it, it all boils down to the battle between truth and ignorance (good and evil).
Once you see the world for what it really is, you see it as a lie. You see the manipulators and the sheep as clear as day. You are done being a sheep and want nothing to do with being just one of the flock anymore. It's time to square off against the wolves.
You then try and tell the sheep that they really aren't the free people they think they are, that they are being controlled by the wolves instead of the kind shepard. Instead of welcoming this liberating news, they turn and attack you. This is because the sheep are just fine with being sheep while pretending to be free, no matter who is in control. True freedom has too steep a price for them.
The sheep want the government (wolves) to take the responsibility of making the hard decisions, and then be able to bleat about it when the government screws them. Just so long as they don't have to be carted off to the slaughterhouse (Afghanistan) they're happy. It's only when it's too late, and their neck is actually on the block that they finally realize the error of their reasoning. This is exactly how the wolves have planned it.
A population who has become lazy and complacent will inevitably allow themselves to be enslaved by evil (ignorance). The spiritual corollary of this is allowing yourself to become completely convinced of the absolute reality of creation, without maintaining the perspective that it's all actually a dream of the creator's. Ignorance of the spiritual origins of this world will cause untold terror as long as the immortal soul identifies itself completely with a mortal body. This is why people will allow themselves to be controlled and harvested by the wolves. The alternative of true freedom means having to face the reality of immortality. This produces great fear in the body and heavy resistance from the ego, which are both constructs of this reality.
This is part of the reason why people who are not ready for the truth will just not listen. They are unwilling and unable to face the possibility of their world view being threatened. You may as well talk to the flowers, at least they won't turn and attack you.


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