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Now can everyone understand just how they are getting away with this? Through the duming down of America in which the vast majority don't understand the constitution or bill of rights. We were warned by our founding fathers that this would happen. What people don't understand is a Democracy is a transitional form of government. One that starts off with a lot of freedoms but ends up turning into a ollargarky or however it is spelled. The process is slow but now you are seeing it come to an end with this north American union. That is the main reason why they don't want our children saying the pledge to the flage anymore for in it it reminds us that we are a Republic. Try a test sample of your own, go out and ask people what type of government the US is you will find that most will say we are a Democracy. I have seen college profesors fined and fired for trying to teach the US Constitution to there students. Now if that doesn't send up any alarm flages I don't know what else will.

I know this sounds to simple to be the truth but it was not a simple task for them for they where learning as they went along. Take control of the edjucation system and replace it with a fully controled media and mass entertainment system and the marjority of people will never know the truth and will even fight for them to end America. When America falls it will go down with thunderous aplause from the brain washed citizens. Already if you take a look at the ownership of America you will see home after home bank owned just as Thomas Jefferson fortold.

Now that's the simple truth, though it is more complex than that.


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